How to unite all your people behind
your goal through one single action

Do you struggle to get your people behind you? Do many of your staff seem to lack pride and motivation or seem uninterested in your company’s goals?

You’re not alone. In fact, only 11 % of the UK workforce are actively engaged. 68% turn up to work but are not pulling with you and 21% of the UK workforce are actively disengaged.
Gallup, State of the Global Workplace

The cost in productivity by those who are actively disengaged represents £3400 per £10,000 of salary. This means, if your figures reflect Gallup’s, you will suffer a loss of over £200,000 per year for every 100 people you employ. And this is just calculated on an average wage; the loss goes up with higher wages.
Coffman and Gonzalez-Molina in their book “Follow this Path” estimate that for every $10,000 of salary of one actively disengaged employee the cost to the company is $3,400.

That’s why we created The Spark Effect. It’s a five-step process to get your staff behind one simple, single action that engages them all.
As a result, your people will:

  • Get and feel proud of your mission
  • Feel valued and ready to contribute
  • Connect with each other
  • Develop their skills
  • Want to join your company and stay
  • Do better for their world
  • And have some fun

Understanding The Spark Effect – A two day course

The course covers the five steps of The Spark Effect Process. Every step of which will bring measurable value to your company.

You will learn to:

START with the end in mind: clarity on what you want to communicate.

PLAN the single action: find the right one for you and understanding your culture as you do this.

ARRANGE a universe of things and people to carry out the action: learn about what to put in place that really makes your people productive.

RIDE the wave of the action: see how your company pulls together best by using the action as a focus to do this.

KNOW what worked: evaluate success to see how you can maximise the value to your company again and again.

Strategy Sessions

If you’d like to find out more about how The Spark Effect would benefit your company, why not join us for one of our strategy sessions.

The session will last just over an hour and will take you through how we created and ran C&A’s Inspiring Women’s campaign, which resulted in over double Fortune 500 participation rates. It engaged over 50% in year one, growing to over 70% in most participating countries by year three.

As well as the actionable insights you’ll gain on employee engagement, we’ll discuss The Spark Effect course in more detail and everyone who attends will also receive complimentary copy of Fiona Halton’s new book, ‘The Spark Effect’.

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