We create employee engagement campaigns that unite everyone behind your vision.

Campaigns that make people really
feel like they want to contribute.

And have unheard-of levels of participation

We’ll help you make
your people valued

And give them a sense of belonging and community, bringing them together, globally and locally

It’s all about providing a sense
of purpose and making it fun

It’s not that hard
if you know how

And we do

Our work: what we do

Employee engagement campaigns
that get all your people behind you

One of the greatest problems in the workplace today is people turning up to work but not really ‘turning up’. In fact, it costs the UK economy over £84 billion a year.

If you need your people behind you and worry about them not getting your message, then The Spark Effect is for you.

It is a unique and proven five-step process that will help you design and run a campaign that gives your employees a sense of purpose as well as boosting your productivity.

Whether you’re a public company with a global workforce or much smaller and local, the best employee engagement schemes inspire staff to take part by providing both purpose… and enjoyment.

We know what makes a great employee event
– and what it can do for you

Your employees will:

  • Get and feel proud of your mission
  • Feel valued and ready to contribute
  • Connect with each other
  • Develop their skills
  • Want to join your company and stay
  • Do better for their world
  • And have some fun

We know the formula
– and how to deliver

Our multi-talented team has the skills and experience to create inspiring engagement projects time and again.

What does it take to connect thousands of dispersed colleagues across the globe to do something great?

“In designing our Inspiring Women campaign with global retailer C&A, Fiona showed us how all it takes is one single, simple and compelling action. As a result, 23,600 of our colleagues (or 51% of the workforce) shared their stories of a woman who inspired them and connected across oceans to support the empowerment of women and girls, effectively raising EUR 1 million for 53 charities.”
Leslie Johnston, Executive Director, C&A Foundation

Case Study: C&A Inspiring Women

Other Services

Helping you design a strategy that works for you
Joining the Dots

According to the Harvard Business Review, well managed companies believe in “devising a cogent CSR programme aligned with the company’s purpose and values.” but, “they are hampered by poor coordination and a lack of logic.”

We can help you design a coherent social responsibility programme that works for both your company and your beneficiaries. So that:

  • Your giving programme shares your values and purpose and contributes to it.
  • Your entire workforce participates in your giving.
  • Your volunteering works measurably for your company, your employees and those you volunteer for.
  • Your giving has impact for your beneficiaries and for you.
  • Your giving of time and money relates and is part of your wider sustainability programme.

Helping your people develop their skills.
Skills Return

91% of HR professionals agreed that skills based volunteering would add value to their training and development programmes, but only 16% of them intentionally offered skills based volunteering for employee development. Of those who did, only 13% offered it to all employees rather than just to management employees. *

We can advise you on how to make your skills based volunteering programme a win/win so that your volunteering will:

  • Become an effective part of your staff training and development programme.
  • Help employees develop their skills.
  • Boost productivity by connecting employees in and across teams.
  • Improve staff engagement levels.
  • Measurably work for your beneficiaries.
  • Be done in your time and according to your schedules.

* Deloitte Survey (Allen, The Big Tent, 2012)

Case Study: TalentTrust Singapore

Our Pledge

We donate 5% of our profits to Social Venture Partners London to magnify the impact of those out to do good.


Fiona Halton

Founder and Chief Executive

Fiona is a dynamic, innovative and multiple award-winning chief executive, who has worked widely in both the private and the charity/third sectors and has unique expertise on the relationship between the two.

Le Tissier

Project Planner; Problem-Solver: Associate

Jean-Marc offers 30 years’ experience as a business and organisational problem-solver and trusted advisor, working with senior executives in business and not-for-profit organisations throughout the UK, Northern Europe and in North America.


Communications Expert: Associate

Gemma is a former BBC journalist who has worked on programmes such as Panorama and Newsnight. Over the last eight years she has worked with charities and social enterprises, foundations and think tanks to help them raise their profile.


Writer and Creative:

Neil brings his skills as a writer and a creative thinker to the team. Having spent over 25 years working in advertising as a writer and creative director, including time at Saatchi & Saatchi where he wrote an award-winning campaign for The NSPCC.


Executive Assistant to CEO and Project Manager

Tracey began working for Fiona at Pilotlight in January 2007 and joined Fiona in her new venture, Halton Bridge in April 2014. Prior to Pilotlight, Tracey worked for five years for UK Youth, a leading national charity that supports young people.

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